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The Challenge

RSA is one of the world’s longest standing insurers with a history dating back more than 300 years. 13,500 employees serve over 9 million customers in over 100 countries

RSA’s Global Risk Solutions maintained a system for Ministry of Defence Employer Liability (MOD EL) claims management. Although used infrequently, compliance regulations required that the data could never be retired.

RSA embarked on a decommissioning initiative for this and other systems, to quickly and cost effectively move to a new platform while retaining the same level of access to the data.

The Solution

Original platform
  • HP/UX server
  • Sybase 11.9.20 database
  • PowerBuilder 5 application
New platform
  • Any Windows, Unix or Linux host
  • Data migration to SQL Server while preserving the entity relationships
  • Implementation of DataNovata Premium to provide a user-friendly HTML interface

The Project

  • All that was required from RSA at the start of the project was a database definition and the user requirements (a list of screens that users needed to be reproduced in the DataNovata solution).
  • Data migrated from Sybase to SQL Server
  • Once on SQL Server, a DataNovata application was automatically generated
  • Screens from the old application were reproduced using the DataNovata Toolkit

The Result

  • Just 3 months from project commencement to delivery
  • On premise, data centre and cloud hosting options now all available if required
  • Secure access to the data from any device
  • Future compliance assured
  • Cost savings realised when RSA decommissioned the legacy application, database and host platform
  • DataNovata played an integral part in RSA’s rationalisation programme

“We recognised that we needed to implement an archiving solution as part of our application rationalisation programme. We chose DataNovata as it provided us with a secure and on-demand method of retrieving legacy data from decommissioned applications.”

Giles Baxter, UK & IS Change Director


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