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How Does DataNovata Help to Thread Data Lifecycle Points Together for Aerospace Manufacturing?

Manufacturers and Maintenance Contractors of aircraft have to cope with complicated data lifecycles as parts transfer between aircraft. Successive generations of PLM Software add further complexity as legacy solutions become siloed repositories for much of that historical data.

Aerospace maintenance managers need to be able to trace parts efficiently from origination to retirement to ensure the safety of crew and passengers. In the event of a malfunction, they need to locate the source of what went wrong, why and how it was resolved.

  • Preservation of outdated data systems creates data complexity and a lack of interoperability as the business evolves

  • When parts data is scattered across application silos, it is time-consuming to thread data for analysis

Key Issues

  • New systems have been stacked on top of legacy databases instead of replacing them due to the risk of losing the data
  • When parts information is spread across databases as new production systems are stacked on top of old ones, lifecycle data becomes harder to track
  • The old and new systems are incompatible and cannot be analysed together to ensure a complete view of the aircraft part lifecycle
  • In an industry where data must remain secure as a matter of international defence, data migration presents a risk

The DataNovata Solution

  • DataNovata unites data history in a single, customisable view allowing legacy databases to be decommissioned and simplifying the data infrastructure
  • With all part data accessible through a single, search tool to thread all relational data together, parts can be easily tracked
  • DataNovata provides granular search indexing across multiple data sources within the original data schemas
  • DataNovata achieves data transformation and decommissioning while data access is kept accessible and secure
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Problems Solved

DataNovata releases valuable data from stacked legacy systems and allows that data to be easily analysed in a single application. The DataNovata digital thread enables aerospace manufacturers and lifecycle managers to keep track of a part’s entire history for as long as necessary. DataNovata reduces complexity through legacy decommissioning, an accessible, searchable interface, and a regulation-compliant viewing system.

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