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In just 2-3 months NSC can give you easy access to any data with no disruption to your business.

Our Mission

NSC can help your business to scale up and modernise and realise the full ROI of your digital transformation.

No one empowers your digital-first strategy better than NSC. We unlock data from your systems of record for easy access, and deliver a user experience so exceptional that your users will never want to look at data history any other way.

We Support Your Initiatives

  • Portfolio consolidation

  • Risk reduction

  • Data compliance

  • Smaller workload and recovery footprint

  • Agile, consistent, scalable, digital technology

  • Modular, pay-as-you-go model

Comprehensive Service Solution

Our A-Z service delivery means that all your application data history will be delivered rapidly to a digital platform, fully customised to user needs.

With the world rapidly evolving, a powerful digital suite for internal and customer-facing operations is no longer an aspiration, but an expectation.

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How It Works

Data Migration

With over 40 years working with x-platform applications, NSC has a unique set of tools to take your inactive database from their legacy platform to an economical digital database platform with the full schema and metadata intact.

DataNovata Generation

NSC then uses DataNovata to generate the XML blueprint of the relational database schema. DataNovata's powerful, front-end configurator quickly analyses, interprets and renders the blueprint into a feature-rich, HTML5, read-only version of the original application, accessible from any Internet-connected device.

UX Customisation

NSC will then customise the DataNovata to the data requirements of the business users need, including reporting, security and compliance

DataNovata's API can be shared with other mediated APIs for seamless data connectivity.

DataNovata applications can be hosted in the cloud, on-premise or through a hybrid platform.

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