Windows Server 2008/2012

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On October 10, 2023 Microsoft will withdraw its extended support for Windows Server 2012. If you need to maintain access to data systems running under WS2012 or earlier versions, and are increasingly concerned about having security holes within the threat landscape, DataNovata can provide a fast, reliable, and secure solution to your data retention needs.

Secure Your Data and Retain Your Customers

When Microsoft withdraws the extended security and technical support for Windows Server 2012, organisations with locked-in applications will be in a tough spot. They need to manage security within the global threat landscape, but key applications dependent on the legacy OS may not be forward compatible.

This leaves important data in a vulnerable position; but decommissioning the applications increases the risk of customer withdrawal when their data is no longer easily accessible.

DataNovata allows you to keep that data secure and accessible on any digital platform you choose, with instant reporting so that you can support your customers without the security risk.

  • Secure Data Access

  • Continued Customer Support

DataNovata Gives You So Many Options

How much data history do you want to encapsulate?

  1. What components of an application would you like to be replicated?
  2. How do your users need the data to be searched, connected and reported?
  3. How many different applications do you need to address?

DataNovata is uniquely configurable to access and connect your application databases in whole or in part. Whatever works best for your organisation, we will work to those parameters, best suited to your needs and tailored to your budget.

Need More?

Are you looking to decommission other platforms?

Not a problem. We can work with you to meet all your requirements. Just let us know what you need and we will have it ready in no time at all.

DataNovata is platform-agnostic: whether you are moving away from mainframe, Power Series, AIX, Microsoft or stripping out a data centre, we’ll make sure that the data you need to access will work on a more cost-effective, modern infrastructure to delight your users with the upgraded UX and speed of service.

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