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How Can DataNovata Help Retail Boost Digital Resiliency with Data?

Competition from rising virtual hubs like Amazon was already pushing retail into the digital sphere, but the pandemic accelerated that transformation by 5 to 10 years. Retailers are making on-the-spot decisions to try and pivot and adapt to the rapid changes but the underlying legacy systems place strain on the entire infrastructure.

Online shopping does not mean the end of the brick and mortar store. After all, these locations are often the distributors for the digitally purchased goods; but it isn't always so easy to adjust operations to run the physical and digital transactions simultaneously with efficiency.

  • Brick & mortar locations are struggling to become the physical base for agile digital shopping

  • Customers expect the same ease and speed of experience in the store as they do with the contactless online shopping

Key Issues

  • Siloed IP systems and legacy architectures don't integrate across sales channels and lack the agility to meet customer expectations
  • Due to the rapid onset of digital transformation, physical locations are not yet fully adjusted to being a digital hub
  • Lagging industry IT skills requires third parties to handle much of the online business, adding to costs
  • Retail IT processes have not developed the resiliency to cope with all the change and risk the loss of the business

DataNovata's Solution

  • DataNovata provides granular access to data across all systems, regardless of type by re-platforming the data onto an accessible digital interface
  • The transition is swift, quickly bringing retail data flow up to speed with the current pace of online traffic
  • The interface is intuitive to use, easy to learn, and after implementation can be placed in the retailer's control
  • Connecting data threads across all your databases is a foundation for composing versatile business solutions that map to customer expectations
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Problems Solved

DataNovata enables you to level the playing field by utilising the versatility of the application to access data across the critical parts of your enterprise. This allows you to deliver a better customer experience, track inventory and supply-chain, and track payment history. With all this in place, the physical store increases its resiliency in the rapidly changing market.

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