Platform Decommissioning

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Mainframes, Operating Systems, and Servers

Platform decommissioning is a key step for modernisation; but application data history presents a stumbling block. How do you move the entire weight of data and make it easy to access without compromising new platform efficiency?

DataNovata is the data access solution for platform decommissioning

Why spend time and money mapping inactive data to your new system when you could use DataNovata? Our solution can:

  • Copy your original database schema
  • Make all your databases viewable within a web-enabled interface
  • Maintain secure data access with customised permissions and purging protocols

DataNovata is intuitive to use, making the transition seamless. Our solution is scalable, applying the same process to one or hundreds of databases regardless of the source application. We make your data history accessible and secure for as long as you need it at a fraction of the cost.

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When Operating Systems Reach End-of-Life

Whenever vendors withdraw support for key operating systems, organisations are left in a tough spot. They need to manage security within the global threat landscape, but applications that are dependent on the legacy OS may not be forward-compatible.

This leaves important data in a vulnerable environment, where security and continued access for customer support are not guaranteed.

By using DataNovata, you can swiftly secure that data. Within 3 months, your data will be fully accessible in the secure digital platform of your choice, with instant reporting so that you can support your customers indefinitely.

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