NSC Group | Barlow House, 4 Minshull Street, Manchester, UK, M1 3DZ

World class data migration and software development services for over 40 years

Situated in the heart of Manchester, NSC Group has a world class reputation for data migration and software development stretching back more than 40 years. NSC has always been a leading innovator in technology, winning multiple awards for its software packages and cross-platform development methodology.

In 2009 NSC developed DataNovata: The Enterprise Application Data Bridge, a technology to provide global businesses and SMEs with easy, secure and instant access to their critical data, enabling them to retire legacy applications as well as cutting the time and cost of ERP swaps & upgrades. DataNovata is already established in government and international organisations.

Since 2016 NSC has been aligned with Gartner Research and has been the subject of a number of white papers. In the latest, DataNovata was singled out within the Archival and Retirement category.


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