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Our History

NSC Group has a world class reputation for data migration and application software development stretching back more than 50 years and is a leading, award-winning innovator for its multi-platform development methodology.

In 1970, Howard Sherrington, formed Northern Software Consultants to design and implement the first COTS business applications available in the UK.

In 1978, NSC developed applications for multiple operating systems, on an independent platform, creating its own version of COBOL and a rules engine to target-specific TP and DB platforms.

In 1990, NSC retooled  its development platform to migrate systems of record to smaller platforms without changing the underlying code.

In 2009, NSC compartmentalised its modernisation solution into 3 parts:

  • Data migration
  • Functional code re-platforming
  • Data presentation

In 2015 - The Data Presentation layer was rebranded as DataNovata and established its own company: DataNovation Ltd.

DataNovata is now well-established in multiple market segments by leading organisations, has been peer-reviewed and documented by Gartner Research.

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