Public Sector Case Study

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Application: Fujitsu VME IDMSX

Industry: Public Sector

Region: UK

Company Size: National Government Agency

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The client, a government department dealing with the provision for winter fuels, was locked on a VME IDMSX platform. This made it increasingly difficult to continue to provide financial assistance for home-heating costs in winter for those in need. They wanted a solution with a mobile platform for greater flexibility, speed and access.

The Challenge

  • Retire the VME mainframe
  • Allow the government officers immediate access to the system
  • Enable remote access
  • Incorporate accessibility features for disabled users to operate independently

The Project

  • Migrate the application from Fujitsu VME IDMSX to the Linux platform

  • Port the data into a DataNovata application viewer and allow it to be regularly updated

    • Proprietary application source code
    • Linux
    • Postgres database
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  • The decommissioning project took 6 months from start to completion

  • Disabled users now had ease-of-access to full application functionality from mobile devices

  • The time and effort for requests, approvals and providing financial support for winter heating was significantly reduced

"DataNovata has made a strong contribution to strengthen Her Majesty’s Government mandate to provide critical support in times of need."

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