P&C Insurance Case Study

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Application: MR1 Call Centre Quotation & Application System

Industry: P&C Insurance

Region: EMEA

Company Size: Large Enterprise, Tier 1 Insurer

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RSA's cost reduction plan for IS services embraced removing any maintenance or licence costs associated with non-production systems on the mainframe, with no disruption for live operations.

Although MR1 had been replaced by a more modern system, direct call centre access to MR1 data was critical. Their challenge was to find the most cost-effective technology to enable immediate access, autonomous from the original application.

MR1 had a complex system architecture with multiple interfaces from a variety of systems.

The Challenge:

  • Decommission a seemingly immovable system with 40G of historic data
  • Ensure that the design and functionality would succeed before the data could be transferred and host application decommissioned
  • Maintain undisrupted access for 1300 registered users
  • Comply with data retention and availability rules

The Project:

  • IBM host mainframe
  • CICS database
  • Port 40GB of data records
  • 1295 users registered for access
  • Decommission the MR1 application
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The Result

  • Decommissioned within 3 months

  • No disruption for call centre users

  • Eliminated all associated costs of running on the mainframe

  • Provided continuous, uniform access to all data

“We recognised that we needed to implement an archiving solution as part of our application
rationalisation programme. We chose DataNovata as it provided us with a secure and on-demand method of retrieving legacy data from decommissioned applications.”

- Giles Baxter, UK & IS Change Director, RSA - Book a Meeting