Office Products Manufacturing Case Study

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Application: Movex ERP, Basware

Industry: Manufacturing

Region: EMEA

Company Size: Large Enterprise

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After a significant merger and multiple acquisitions, the leading brand-name manufacturer of office supplies took on an enterprise-wide cost rationalisation of its services. It set up a taskforce to reimagine and deliver economies of scale across its merged estate, to improve business processes and shareholder value. It also began the consolidation of IT assets focused on the creation of a new, streamlined Datacentre. Decommissioning legacy ERP applications was integral to the business case.

They needed a solution to access data history from each division seamlessly and autonomously and avoid the cost of maintaining legacy ERP applications in the new datacentre. The company sought a COTS solution.

The Challenge:

Deliver a data platform solution that would:

  • Consolidate datacentre operations by shrinking the legacy application hardware
  • Consistently interpret multiple platform applications' database schemas
  • Function independent of the original host
  • Accelerate decommissioning cycles
  • Not require re-skilling employees
  • Price below operation costs

The Project:

For the first assignment the client provided DataNovata with a data dictionary, index information and data in CSV files with a user requirements document:

  • Platform: IBM i-Series
  • Application: Movex ERP, Basware
  • Database size: 50 Gb
  • 35 screens to be replicated
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The Result

  • Delivery of data files to completion of UAT was 16 weeks

  • Data history was accessible independent of the legacy host

  • Datacentre consolidation goals were met through shutting down an entire datacentre

  • Rationalisation initiative helped the company reduce its infrastructure costs by 33% estimated at £40K p.a. on the first project

  • Invoice document scans from Basware were linked to the DataNovated Movex tables for easy reference

"All the vendors we spoke to could do basic archiving, and, starting from scratch, could create a way to look at each database. What the other vendors could not do, which separates DataNovata from the rest, is provide us with repeatable, scalable, out-of-the-box flexibility to view each database uniquely. It is so easy to make the application native to the user. I don't actually know if some of our users realize they are no longer looking at the old system."

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