IMI Precision Engineering Customer Retention Case Study

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Application: Various ERP - WS 2008 platform

Industry: Engineering/Manufacturing

Region: Global

Company Size: Large Enterprise

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DataNovata Helps to Ensure Customer Continuity

IMI Precision Engineering is a world leader in fluid and motion control technologies, producing high quality, long lasting parts for their customers. This means that even 20-year-old data is still valuable to the customer. Access to the original bill of materials would help match customers to new, compatible parts and ensure customer continuity. The faster, the better. However, the application was old and slow, and the OS was being discontinued. They needed a solution that would deliver on their customer service mandate, interpreting and generating benefit from the data even after the source application knowledge was lost.

The Challenge:

  • Move the entire database to a secure, modern, generic database platform
  • Ensure that all of the complex data relationships and data structures of the bills of materials were intact and fully searchable
  • Ensure data accessibility for analysis and data retrieval

The Project:

  • Migrate the database from Progress 9.0B Windows 2000 (Windows Server 2008) to the most current SQL server
  • Automatically generate an HTML5 application that mapped and provided contextual referencing for the data
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  • All of the data was secured for future use to ensure continued customer service

  • IMI could now access design and inflation clause data of retired designs to match new parts to customers

  • Complex searches and parts tracing produced results in seconds vs hours

  • Customers are delighted with the dedication to service excellence

It is a fabulous customer service moment, because now a customer can come to us with a legacy part, we can look up their original purchase, and provide them with a brand new alternative.

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