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DataNovata allows organisations to decommission their legacy applications and maintain full user access to your data via a modern application helping you manage compliance.

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Start Seeing Results in as Little as 12 Weeks

With DataNovata NSC can help you faster and more effectively than comparable solutions for accelerated productivity and ROI.

DataNovata can address multiple IT initiatives through one investment:

  • Establishing an Accessible Archive
  • Application Decommissioning
  • Achieving Compliance and Data Retention
  • Data for Application Modernisation
  • Consolidate Legacy M&A Applications
  • Complete your first project in as little as 12 weeks and start to scale your ROI

  • Gain benefits with no disruption to your operational business processes

What Our Customers Say About DataNovata

  • “You don't need that expensive, over engineered, global software company, data product. We have circa 10 archive applications in DataNovata and are developing 2 more.” - Manufacturing Industry $500M - $1B USD

  • "DataNovata enables us to control costs and deliver simplification by enabling us to retire expensive, aged, IT services while allowing us to honour our data retention and removal obligations." - Insurance Industry $500M - $1B USD

  • "The DataNovata team was excellent to work with. Communication throughout the project was very good. They delivered on 99% of what was asked for in the project." - Consumer Goods Industry $1B- $3B USD

  • "NSC has proved to be a valuable partner, very professional with extremely high levels of technical expertise" - Manufacturing Industry $500M - $1B USD

Regain the Value of Data History

Organisations are frustrated by the lack of interoperability of databases stored for reference across their application portfolio.

Watch this 2 minute video to see if your organisation is experiencing the same issues.

Benefits of data transformation with DataNovata

  • Read-only, data-viewing platform that maps the authentic DB schema

  • An intuitive, contextual interface for an enriched UX

  • Link multiple databases to thread data for immediate discovery

  • A configurable, compliance rules engine for a risk-free data retention strategy

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We take a lot of pride in our service. See what industry peers have to say about DataNovata on the Gartner Peer Insights portal. DataNovata consistently outperforms comparable solutions for agility, deliverability and value.

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Some of Our Clients

  • Department for Work and Pensions
  • Royal Sun Alliance
  • SSL International
  • The Co-op
  • Yell
  • Land Rover
  • Birds Eye

What are the ‘Risk-free Decommissioning Criteria’ that Disrupt the Status Quo?

Legacy systems pile up in the back office, choking budgets, limiting innovation and decelerating economic recovery. Systems that retain data can be immobilized by risk of change. Obsolescence adds more risk, of complete system failure.

What are the risk-free criteria for solving such a problem?

  • It needs to work for virtually any application.
  • It meets satisfaction and buy-in from the business users
  • The data is as intact and accessible as in the original application
  • There are no dependencies remaining with the legacy system
  • Data sovereignty remains with the client
  • It has flexible data governance rules to meet changing compliance standards
  • It can be easily adapted and customized to changing user needs
  • It cost a fraction of the status quo

To be risk-free, the viable solution has to easily decommission old, inactive application storage containers, move the data to affordable, digital platform without any degradation of user access and conduct the entire process with no disruption to business processes.

DataNovata meets all the criteria for a risk-free solution.

  • It can be implemented on any stack
  • It is stable for every iteration
  • It requires no coding
  • It has been implemented again and again with the same excellent results
  • It uses barely any resources
  • It is built on standards-based architecture
  • It works for any client end-point
  • It requires no additional software for deployment
  • It can be deployed locally or globally
  • It can be run on-prem or in the cloud
  • It can recover its own cost in less than a year
  • It is can be layered into the existing security framework of the enterprise.
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