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Instron has selected DataNovata to enable it to end the life of its legacy applications and allow easy and secure access to data from any device.

Instron is a leading global manufacturer of test equipment designed to evaluate the mechanical properties of materials and components.

After many years of searching for the right solution to allow it to decommission its unsupported applications and platforms, Instron discovered DataNovata. It was important to Instron that any solution would:

The first application to be retired with DataNovata was QuoteWerks, a quote/order management system.

Initially the new application provided access to a single dataset from one instance of the legacy application. However, with the DataNovata solution now in place it is easy for Instron to continue to add more data, until eventually the data from all instances of the legacy application has been moved across.

This first project took just 2 weeks.


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