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The Struggle for Balance in Planning for Cloud Migration 

Cloud services promise platform stability. So why do many migrations fight for balance and lift-off?

Balance is affected by 3 conditions:

  • Scope: how many of your IT systems are migration-ready for the target platform?
  • Scale: managing elasticity when provisioning controls are external?
  • Cost: at what point does the pendulum swing back to disrupt the business case?

How Can You Make it Easier?

DataNovata is an ideal solution to ease and bring balance to Cloud Migration:

  • DataNovata quickly replaces legacy databases with cloud-compatible, customizable application views of data history, without disruption to the business use.
  • DataNovata lets customers reduce high-availability calls to production servers with live data archiving to a lower-tier storage, for seamless access for any system of record.

Cloud strategy should execute precisely to its vision by lowering the cost of compute resources and improving business SLAs. Stumbling blocks need to be removed and controls need to be in the hands of the customer, not the platform.

DataNovata’s customizable, multi-platform application archive solution addresses the problems of data gravity to optimize migration to the cloud and balance operational costs before bill-shock occurs.

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