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Use case:

ERP Upgrade/Swap

As businesses grow, ERP systems are often upgraded or swapped. For example, an organisation may wish to move from Oracle E-Business to SAP. But what about all those years of important data, from HR to Sales to Finance? It needs to be retained, but taking all of it over to the new system will be a major task that takes considerable time, effort and money.

Why not instead just take over the minimum to the new system, such as master data and open transactions, and let DataNovata provide access to the rest? The new ERP doesn’t start out cluttered with a lot of unnecessary legacy data, the historical data is easily available with with DataNovata’s user friendly HTML interface and the old ERP can be decommissioned.

Use case:

Legacy Application Decommissioning

If an organisation has made an investment in modern business systems then rationalising the application estate and retiring obsolete applications is the next logical step. However, organisations must ensure they remain compliant and legislation requires that historical business and financial information remains easily accessible.

DataNovata is the perfect solution, enabling the business to focus their time on money on vital production systems while DataNovata takes care of the legacy estate. The old expensive legacy applications can be replaced by modern fully supported alternatives, each with a user friendly HTML interface.

Use case:

Data Modernisation for Mergers & Acquisitions

Legacy applications are often the result of mergers and acquisitions. The infrastructure costs of running these applications may be high and they may be unsupported. It is usually not cost effective to transfer the data to current production systems, yet the data on the acquired estate may need to be accessed by staff and auditors for many years.

DataNovata can be used to rationalise and decommission as much of the acquired estate as necessary. The important legacy data will become available to users with a user friendly HTML interface, while the acquired systems can be switched off to reduce the costs of supporting a sprawling legacy portfolio. Risk of data loss is also significantly reduced.

Use case:

GDPR & General Compliance

When a data subject contacts an organisation with a GDPR request, that organisation must be able to find their personal data across all their systems and be able to present it back to them in a portable format. There must also be some way to delete the data if required.

DataNovata now has features specifically designed to assist with GDPR compliance and can be used with legacy or production data. It is quick and easy to locate a data subject anywhere within one or more connected databases, all from one simple search form (or using the API). Results are returned immediately and can then be exported to CSV/PDF to present back to the data subject.

The Annotation and Data Purging features can be used together to record GDPR requests and mark records for automatic deletion.

Use case:

Consolidation of Legacy Applications

It is common to find that organisations have a plethora of similar systems that exist purely for enquiry purposes. Each one comes with a cost and each one has to be supported and maintained.

DataNovata can be used to consolidate any number of disparate data sets into a single application, with substantial cost savings.

Use case:

Legacy into the Cloud

Moving to cloud hosting is highly desirable for many organisations, but it can be problematic when it comes to legacy applications residing on old, unsupported hardware. Even if it is possible, costs can rapidly escalate when considering multiple applications.

A DataNovata application can be hosted anywhere, so moving to DataNovata, whether for a single legacy application or the entire legacy estate, opens up a range of hosting options, from on premise to data centre to cloud.

Use case:

Accessible Archiving

Whether production or legacy, archiving is usually a long and painful process. It starts with finding the right solution for each application in question, if one even exists. Then there may be restrictions on where the data resides and accessing it may not be that easy. There there is the cost – archiving usually comes at a price.

DataNovata can provide an easy route to archiving your data, with easy and secure access at all time.


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