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There’s a DataNovata package to suit your needs…

DataNovata Premium

DataNovata Premium is DataNovata Sunset (see below) plus a full design service – as much customisation as is necessary (using the DataNovata Toolkit) to fulfil user requirements. Advanced features, such as data purging and access to the API are also available.

DataNovata Premium is best suited to scenarios where the database is not well structured, where users expect a layout similar to the old system or where there are specific requirements.


DataNovata Sunset

DataNovata Sunset provides an out of the box application – the output of the automatic phase of the DataNovata process. This is based purely on the database structure with no customisation. However, all the standard DataNovata functionality is present.

DataNovata Sunset is best suited to scenarios where access to data is important, but the application may not be frequently used and/or presentation is a secondary concern.

Sunset and Premium Features

Automatically generated application
A fully-featured application built from the database
Full design service
Customisation of the application to fulfil user requirements
Responsive HTML5 user interface
Intelligently scales allowing access on any device
Standard security suite
Single sign-on system with highly configurable security
LDAP integration
Integrate with an existing LDAP service like Active Directory
Comprehensive search & navigation
Drill down into the data & easily locate related records
Configure a single application to work in different territories
Multi-database connectivity
Search across multiple databases on different platforms
GDPR search facility
Instantly search all relevant data in one operation
Bookmark records for easy retrieval at a later date
Save to Excel
Save search results or individual records to Excel
Save to PDF
Output data to a formatted PDF file
Bulk extract
Save large amounts of data to CSV files
Record annotations
Add annotations to records without affecting source data
Data purging
Implement a data retention policy to automatically purge data
Access DataNovata’s powerful features using an API
Standard documentation
User & administrator guides for any DataNovata application
Enhanced documentation
Bespoke documentation for your application
Up to two training sessions via GoToMeeting
Support package
Help desk support via a dedicated email address or telephone

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