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The are many reasons to choose DataNovata…

  • Simple process
    To start a project, all NSC require is access to the data and any specific user requirements. Client involvement from that point is minimal until user acceptance testing.
  • Simple architecture
    All that is required is a Java web server, which can be local or cloud hosted. No client software has to be installed as user access is via any web browser on any device.
  • Ability to consolidate
    With its multi-database feature DataNovata is able to bring disparate databases together, from different platforms, within a single application, providing a view of all the data.
  • Quick results
    With much of the process automated, a DataNovata solution can be deployed much quicker than alternative approaches and the old system decommissioned sooner.
  • Low cost
    Quick setup & a low license cost enable significant savings compared to the old system. Internal resources previously tasked with maintaining the old hardware & software will be released for other projects.
  • Flexible solution
    Applications can be customised in 100s of ways using the DataNovata Toolkit to precisely meet the needs of the business. This can be done at any time, now or in the future, as business requirements evolve. Want screens to look like the old application? Done. Need the application to be available in multiple languages? Of course. Additional reports 6 months down the line? No problem.
  • Powerful features
    Users can locate data quickly and easily using the comprehensive search facilities, drill down to related records, annotate records and export data in a variety of formats.
  • Ensure compliance
    Data subjects are easily located by DataNovata scanning all the relevant data in a single operation. Information can then be exported or annotations added to mark the record for further processing. Data retention policies can also be set up to run autonomously on a schedule, identifying & purging records that must be deleted for regulatory, GDPR or other reasons.
  • Secure
    All network traffic is encrypted with SSL and data access is highly configurable. Use DataNovata’s own single sign-on system or integrate with an existing LDAP service like Active Directory to reduce implementation time.
  • Complete audit trail
    All activity is logged. Administrators can see all login attempts, when logins have been revoked and precisely what data was accessed by who and when.
  • Minimal training
    The user interface is designed specifically for non-technical users & can be designed to resemble the old system if required. The user guide often eliminates the need for training altogether.
  • Reliable established solution
    DataNovata is already in use within a number of national and multinational organisations in various sectors, including insurance, pharmaceuticals, healthcare, finance, aerospace & government.
  • Fully supported
    NSC has been established for over 40 years and DataNovata is under constant development with new versions regularly released.

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