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Application Retirement is Inevitable

Archiving data belonging to applications in line for retirement is a recurring topic within many organisations.

Shutting down an old, expensive or unsupported system that is no longer used in production and storing its valuable data in a usable and readily available form is seen as overwhelming, complex and time consuming.

There may be many such systems, perhaps from mergers and acquisitions or ERP upgrades. All too often nothing is done and systems are left to run with costs mounting. In addition, these old systems are vulnerable to many possible issues, especially with regard to compliance.

A Unique Data Modernisation Solution

NSC’s DataNovata solution provides a simple, quick and cost-effective solution for archiving data and confidently decommissioning applications, enabling organisations to reduce operational costs and management overheads.

DataNovata automatically generates a powerful, yet user-friendly HTML user interface to replace the old application, providing users with fast and secure access to the data from any device. Critical business decisions can continue to be made with confidence and new features were introduced in 2018 to assist with GDPR compliance.

The data itself can be stored on any relational database platform, either on premise, in a data centre or cloud hosted.

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DataNovata: A Long-term Strategy

Not only will DataNovata significantly reduce infrastructure, licence and managements costs, but in place will be a robust long-term strategy for archiving data and decommissioning applications. DataNovata will scale to any number of applications and users.

Retiring expensive and unsupported systems and replacing them with cost-effective & future proof alternatives has never been so simple!


“In the beginning it was difficult to picture a solution that could potentially be applied to all our legacy archiving needs. Within three months it was apparent that we had found our global solution for legacy applications. If we want to go to the cloud or swap our ERP system or just rationalise our estate, DataNovata is now our go to solution. NSC understood our requirements and when they changed, they were highly responsive and a pleasure to deal with.”

European IT Director, Global Aerospace Company


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