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Transform Legacy Data to Elevate your Game

Modernisation is imperative as business operations are rapidly restructuring. Companies are shedding old methods and systems to keep up with customer expectations in the digital age.

Legacy systems, whether accumulated due to the companies age or recently acquired in a merger, are one of the greatest burdens preventing a smooth transition into modernity.  Read more

How can companies reach their data modernization goals with the least time and expense and achieve the best results?

Keep the archival data you need while eliminating the features and costs that you don’t

Businesses are looking for smart decommissioning and/or migration services that are easy to implement. NSC Legacy Data Solutions offers DataNovata, the Data Application Bridge. By onboarding the DataNovata Application you can:

*subject to the number of tables and screens required.

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Why Choose DataNovata?

With business modernization becoming imperative IT departments are coming under more pressure to deliver a measurable ROI. DataNovata can help you achieve your modernization goals more effectively:

DataNovata helps reduce the footprint and friction associated with large modernization projects.

DataNovata: The Best Way to Access Legacy Data

DataNovata is the most effective, cost saving method of decommissioning legacy databases and storing archival data. The DataNovata application releases you from technical debt and enables you to reap the benefits of an accessible archive. Our NSC team is ready to help you bid those legacy databases ‘Goodbye’ and accelerate towards modernisation.

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“In the beginning it was difficult to picture a solution that could potentially be applied to all our legacy archiving needs. Within three months it was apparent that we had found our global solution for legacy applications. If we want to go to the cloud or swap our ERP system or just rationalise our estate, DataNovata is now our go to solution. NSC understood our requirements and when they changed, they were highly responsive and a pleasure to deal with.”

European IT Director, Global Aerospace Company


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