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A World Class Data Migration Service

The NSC Migration Toolset has a enviable track record in data migration.

Originally developed in the mid 1990s as part of PowerDrive, a unique and award-winning system to migrate both legacy data and the application together, the NSC Migration Toolset is now a separate product and is able to migrate data from a wide range of databases.

The toolset is able to take data from both relational (Oracle, SQL Server, DB2, Informix, Ingres etc) and non-relational sources (ISAM, VSAM, IMS, IDMS, flat files etc). Generated reports allow the integrity of the migration to be verified.



The NSC Migration Toolset is under constant development and can be extended to cater for platforms not encountered previously – UniData is the most recent addition.

NSC’s migration expertise has been engaged by leading IT companies including BT, HP, IBM and Sun.


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