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The Challenge

Yell Group is a global directories and internet services company with operations in the UK, US, Spain, Argentina, Chile and Peru.

The Yell Business File application is the core production system that manages the listings for over 3 million business records, used in online and print directories. However, it does not support flexible, dynamic enquiries for progressive business planning and 3rd-party analytics services were expensive and delayed campaign execution.

Yell needed to cost-effectively bridge the gap between the core system and business users needs without disrupting the mission-critical workflows of the production system.

The Solution

  • Connection to existing Unix-hosted Oracle database
  • Implementation of DataNovata Premium to provide a user-friendly interface

The Project

  • All that was required from Yell Group at the start of the project were the user requirements (a list of screens/reports that users required.
  • Creation of new indexes in the Oracle database to support an enhanced DataNovata application
  • A DataNovata application was automatically generated.
  • Extra enquiry screens and reports created using the DataNovata Toolkit.
  • Training of key business users

The Result

  • 3 months from project commencement to delivery
  • Secure access to the data from any device
  • Cost of outsourced operations reduced by 70%
  • The marketing unit can interrogate data at any time< according to dynamic business needs without disruption to the core system
  • Reports can be generated to speed up collaboration and campaign execution

“DataNovata significantly improved our ability to respond to the requirements of the business and retain Yell’s competitive edge.”

Kelly Butcher, Business File Systems Manager


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